Model Feed Size(mm) Dimensions(mm) Motor Power(KW) Total Weight(Kg) Processing Capacity(TPH)
LVM-1400W 0.5-50 2687*2959*1881 45+2*4.0 8200 250

Technical Advantages of Clean Coal Centrifuge

  1. The main components of the clean coal centrifuge are all selected international well-known brands, with excellent equipment performance and long service life ;
  2. The excitation system adopts two independent working vibration motors, with large excitation force and good vibration effect ;
  3. The amplitude of the motor is 2-6mm, which can easily adjust the amplitude of the motor ;
  4. The vibration impact force of the main shaft and bearing is small, and the vibration of the screen basket is uniform ;
  5. The use of polyurethane buffer blocks reduces noise and vibration to the foundation ;
  6. With the door of the feeding chute, the material is vibrated and fed to ensure the best effect of product moisture ;
  7. The rotating parts of the clean coal centrifuge adopt thin oil for forced lubrication to ensure the lubrication effect and reliable operation ;
  8. The hinged door is convenient to replace the screen basket ;
  9. Motor position and door opening direction can be selected ;
  10. All wear parts are protected by polyurethane or high alumina ceramics, which prolongs the service life of the clean coal centrifuge .