Model Processing Capacity Screen Basket Diameter Screen Basket Angle Sieve Motor Oil Pump Motor Machine Weight
LFC-1200L 50to80thp/ station 1200mm 20° 0.25/0.375mm 55KW 1.1KW 5360kg

Features of slime centrifuge

  1. The pressurized lubrication system of slime centrifuge can extend the service life
  2. Automatic shutdown protection for lubrication failure
  3. The filter element of the filter is a replaceable filter, which can be cleaned and used repeatedly
  4. Equipped with filter blocking indicator
  5. Large inlet, large processing capacity
  6. Wear-resistant parts are standard configuration
  7. Strong dehydration ability
  8. Easy to replace the lining of the screen basket
  9. Heavy structure
  10. Guaranteed performance
  11. Guarantee product quality
  12. Easy belt replacement

Performance advantage

  1. Low installation cost
  2. Low maintenance cost.
  3. High efficiency
  4. High recovery rate of solid particles
  5. Low product moisture
  6. Professional technical support and field service