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Which parts of the vibrating screen should be lubricated? Bearing and vibration exciter

Vibrating screen equipment is composed of various parts, such as screen box, screen, eccentric shaft, vibration exciter, etc. The maintenance of the vibrating screen is the maintenance of each component. Among them, lubrication is compared in maintenance For important items, any mechanical equipment needs lubrication to operate normally. So which parts of the vibrating screen […]

How to deal with the loosening of the vibrating screen frame?

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a vibration exciter, a screen, a screen frame, a suspension device, and a transmission device. As large as the transmission device, as small as the screen frame, any problems in these parts will affect the use of the vibrating screen. The loosening of the screen frame is a […]

How to deal with the dust from the vibrating screen? Causes and treatment measures

Mine vibrating screens are generally large-scale screening equipment with a certain weight. And during operation, due to the mutual collision and friction of materials, such as ore, a large amount of dust is easily generated, and then there is a problem of flying dust. Generally, the dust from the vibrating screen is distributed densely, not […]

How to clean the vibrating screen?

The use environment of mine vibrating screens is generally harsh, and they are basically used outdoors, unavoidable from wind, sun and rain. In the mining industry, many materials also contain a certain amount of dust. When vibrating screens are used for screening , These dust and other dust will enter the vibrating screen, so it […]

Installation method of vibrating motor of linear vibrating screen

The reason why the linear vibrating screen has a high screening efficiency is because of the exciting force generated by the vibrating motor. The vibration motor is equipped with a set of adjustable eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotor shaft, and the excitation force is obtained by the centrifugal force generated by the […]

Safety Operation Regulations for High Frequency Dewatering Vibrating Screen

The safety operating procedures of the high-frequency dewatering vibrating screen should be familiar with the process flow and equipment control of the system to ensure the standard operation and regular maintenance. The vibrating screen should be overhauled once a year, and the overall parts should be carefully inspected, and the necessary parts should be checked […]

How to improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen?

Vibrating screens are used in the production process of mining, chemical, metallurgical and other industries. It is a sorting and grading equipment. The screening efficiency of a vibrating screen refers to the ratio of the product under the screen to the total amount of selected materials. The factors that affect the screening efficiency of the […]