What are the advantages of banana screen?

A banana screen, also known as a multi-slope screen or multi-angle screen, is a type of vibrating screen used in the mining and aggregate industries. It is called a banana screen because of its shape, which resembles a banana curved in multiple angles. The banana screen offers several advantages over traditional horizontal or inclined screens:

High Capacity

Banana screens have a large screening surface area due to their multi-slope design. This design allows for efficient handling of high tonnages of material, resulting in higher capacity compared to other types of screens.

Double banana sieve

Efficient Screening

The unique shape of the banana screen enables effective screening of both wet and dry materials. The sloping decks facilitate the stratification of the material, allowing for better separation of finer particles. This improves the overall screening efficiency and product quality.

Improved Screen Performance

Banana screens are designed to handle challenging applications with high feed rates and large material sizes. They offer improved screen performance by reducing pegging and blinding issues. Pegging refers to the clogging of screen openings, while blinding occurs when material particles adhere to the screen surface, reducing the screening efficiency. The sloping decks of banana screens help prevent these problems, resulting in uninterrupted screening operation.

Reduced Vibrations

Banana screens are designed with a curved profile, which helps in distributing the vibrations evenly across the screen surface. This reduces the overall dynamic loads on the structure and improves the screen’s stability and durability. Reduced vibrations also contribute to a quieter operating environment.

Versatile Applications

Banana screens can be used for a wide range of applications, including primary and secondary screening of various materials such as ores, coal, aggregates, and industrial minerals. They are particularly suitable for screening high moisture and sticky materials, as well as for scalping and dewatering processes.

Customizable Configurations

Banana screens can be customized to meet specific application requirements. They can be designed with different deck angles, number of decks, and deck types (such as polyurethane or woven wire) to optimize the screening process for different materials and applications.

Overall, the advantages of banana screens make them a popular choice in industries where high capacity, efficient screening, and reliable performance are essential.