What are the materials of the vibrating screen? Which material is better?

In the sand and gravel production line, the vibrating screen is the basic equipment configuration, which is mainly used to screen and classify the crushed materials and finished sand and gravel. The screen is a key component of the yield and service life of the vibrating screen. So what are the materials of the vibrating screen?Which screen material is better? The following is a specific introduction to the commonly used screen materials of the vibrating screen.

Material of vibrating screen

1. Polyurethane rubber screen

Polyurethane has low stress performance and relatively large toughness. In order to resist the damage to the screen caused by the fall of sand and gravel from the belt conveyor, there are requirements for the diameter and thickness of the screen ribs. You cannot choose too thin or too thin. In the condition of the size of the vibrating screen, it is unavoidable to reduce the opening rate of the screen. This will reduce the penetration rate of the screen. Among the four screens, the penetration rate of the polyurethane screen is lower.

2. Reinforced screen

Reinforced screens have greater stress performance, strong resistance to impacts of sand and gravel materials, and the surface of the steel bars is smooth and flat, which can reduce the barrier to moving sand and gravel materials. It can also have good openings under the condition of the stress performance of the screen. Therefore, the penetration rate of the screen can be greatly improved.

Arc vibrating screen

3. Steel plate screen

Due to its own factors in the use of this kind of screen, the circular openings are often used. Because the holes are directly opened on the steel plate, the entire screen surface is smooth during use, which is convenient for the sliding of sand and gravel materials. However, because the shape of the opening is circular, the sand and gravel are mostly irregular polygons, and the probability of blocking the circular hole is greater than that of the square opening.

4. Square steel screen

The square steel screen has better stress performance, which is greater than that of the polyurethane screen. The square steel screen does not have the shortcomings of the polyurethane screen, and the opening rate and the penetration rate of the screen may be obtained.

Comparison of vibrating screen mesh material

1. Polyurethane screen has good toughness and strong wear resistance, but in actual use, it is understood that its use time is not very ideal. Through observation, it is because the sand and gravel fall from the belt conveyor to the screen during use. There has been a strong impact, which makes the screen ribs of the polyurethane screen easier to break, but perhaps the impact of sand and gravel on the screen can be reduced by modifying the blanking method, thereby increasing the use time of the screen.

2. Due to the use of 16Mn material, the wear resistance of the steel plate screen will be improved, but in the process of use, for the opening rate, the connecting plate between the holes will be thinner, so its resistance The impact is not good, and it will affect the end use time of the steel plate screen.

In addition, the steel plate screen requires frequent fastening of the connecting screws between the screen and the screen support body during use, otherwise relative movement between the steel plate screen and the screen support body will occur, which will greatly reduce its use time.

3. There is not much difference between the reinforced screen and the square steel screen in terms of stress performance and toughness. Therefore, the difference in the impact resistance of the two against sand and gravel is not very large. However, due to the different material choices of the two, they are In terms of performance, the square steel screen is better than the steel screen.

4. The characteristics of the steel screen mesh of square steel than round steel is that the screen mesh is made of square steel and steel under the same diameter condition, and the wearable surface of square steel is larger than that of steel.

In summary, the materials of the vibrating screen are polyurethane rubber screen, steel screen, steel screen and square steel screen. Through the comparison of these materials, it can be found that screens of different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing, you can choose according to your own use and needs.