How to deal with the loosening of the vibrating screen frame?

The vibrating screen is mainly composed of a vibration exciter, a screen, a screen frame, a suspension device, and a transmission device. As large as the transmission device, as small as the screen frame, any problems in these parts will affect the use of the vibrating screen. The loosening of the screen frame is a common problem. If it is loose, it will affect the material screening efficiency of the vibrating screen and cause a certain noise. At the same time, it may be accompanied by serious phenomena such as frame fracture. So what should I do if the screen frame of the vibrating screen is loose?

Reasons for the loosening of the vibrating screen frame

1. Rubber strip wear

The rubber strip between the screen and the screen frame is worn, and the screen frame cannot be closely connected with the screen, which causes the vibration screen frame to become loose.

2. The screen is not tightened correctly

The screen of the vibrating screen is not tightened, so the screen frame will loosen. After understanding the reasons, we will introduce the treatment measures for the loosening of the screen frame.

Linear vibrating screen

Treatment measures for the loosening of vibrating screen frame

1. If abnormal noise is found due to the loosening of the screen frame, first check and judge the condition of the beam ring around the vibrating screen frame. If the beam ring is damaged or the beam ring wire is loose, it must be replaced and tightened immediately;

2. When tightening the ring or replacing the installation, remember to knock the ring with a rubber hammer for a week after installation to ensure that the ring and the frame are tightly connected, otherwise there may continue to be loose in the subsequent screening work ;

3. When replacing or tightening the ring of the circular vibrating screen, remember to use the wrench lock to tighten the ring wire to prevent the bolts that are not fully tightened from loosening or breaking during the screening work;

Arc vibrating screen

4. If the small tie ring is not faulty, the tie ring and screen frame should be disassembled to check whether the internal sealing strip is displaced, loose, aging, or broken. If so, replace the sealing rubber ring in time;

5. After completing the above inspection, basically all the problems that may cause the screen frame to be loose have been eliminated, but for the sake of safety, let the equipment idle for a few minutes before starting the equipment after adjustment, and make sure that there is no abnormal noise or shaking. Before it can be put into production.

The above is the answer to how to deal with the loosening of the screen frame of the vibrating screen. Generally speaking, the vibrating screen will go through a test machine after the manufacture is completed to ensure that there are no problems before giving it to the customer. There will be no loosening of the screen frame, but with frequent use , The replacement of screens, seals and other accessories, etc., can not be sufficiently fastened when re-assembled, or the maintenance of the vibrating screen is neglected in daily use, various problems may occur.