What should I do if the vibrating screen discharges?

In daily production, during the use of the vibrating screen, a relatively obvious material conveying is suddenly not smooth, followed by the problem that the discharge is biased in a certain direction. To solve this problem, we must first find out the reason for the deviation of the material, and then find out how to solve the problem of the deviation of the vibrating screen. In response to the above problems, the vibrating screen manufacturer gave us a detailed introduction.

The reason for the deviation of the vibrating screen

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1. The vibrating screen has a long working time

The vibrating screen has a large workload and a long working life. For a large linear vibrating screen, due to its heavy weight, if coupled with repeated vibration and strong inertia for many years, some parts of the body will be loose, which will lead to vibration. The angle of the motor changes, so the phenomenon of discharge deviation occurs.

2. Uneven feeding

If the vibrating screen is feeding more or less, it is easy to cause unstable screening accuracy, and because of the more or less material, the force deviation of the material is large, and there is a problem that the discharge is biased to one side.

3. Exciter installation problem

The transportation and screening of materials by the vibrating screen is pushed by the vibration exciter to the material with a fixed magnitude of excitation force in a designed fixed direction. Therefore, if the material conveying is not good, it can basically be judged as a vibration exciter. There is a problem with the installation angle. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer will perform precise installation, testing, and adjustment before the equipment leaves the factory to avoid the deviation of the excitation force direction, so this problem is generally not the cause of the new machine.

4. The weight error of the screen body itself is large

The weight error of the vibrating screen body itself is large, and the position of the center of gravity is not accurate. Usually, this kind of problem does not exist in regular manufacturers, but now the market is chaotic, some manufacturers sell inferior imitation vibrating screens at abnormal market prices, although the appearance is the same, but in fact there is no technical content.

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5. Inconsistent damping spring stiffness

The stiffness of the damping spring is inconsistent, and if damaged, it will also cause the vibrating screen to discharge. The importance of the damping spring to the vibrating screen is no less than that of the vibrating motor. If the quality of the shock-absorbing spring does not meet the market requirements, it will inevitably cause a series of production problems.

6. Changes in the position of the spring support

The change of the installation base plane and the position of the spring support will cause the discharge of the vibrating screen to be biased. In addition to the vibration exciter providing the main screening source power to the vibrating screen, the vibration damping spring, bouncing ball, sealing rubber ring, etc., which exist due to shock absorption, also affect the vibrating screen force and the vibrating screen more or less. The level of the body is stable. If a certain part has problems such as aging, it will be caused by the uneven screen surface and the instability of the screen machine, which will cause the problem of deviation of the discharge direction. The problem is greatly reduced, so regular inspection and maintenance are particularly important.

7. Screen box deformation

The screen box refers to the screen above the exciter and below the feeding port, which is composed of the screen frame and the screen surface fixed around it. When the vibrating screen is working normally, especially the large-scale and high-frequency equipment, the screen frame needs both the gravity of the bulk screening material and the strong excitation force of the vibrating motor. If the strength is not enough, it is easy to cause deformation and damage. , The large-scale mining vibrating screen needs to pay special attention to this problem.

The solution to the deviation of the vibrating screen

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1. If the working time of the vibrating screen equipment is too long, the equipment must be maintained regularly.

2. The feeding should be uniform and continuous.

3. Reinstall the exciter and adjust the position of the exciter correctly.

4. Users should shop around and choose carefully.

5. The strength of the screen box requires not only high-quality consumables, but also a unique welding process and additional stable design.

The above is about the reasons for the deviation of the vibrating screen and the corresponding solutions. In fact, it can be seen from the reasons that to solve the problem of the deviation of the discharge, the main thing is the regular maintenance of the vibrating screen equipment, uniform feeding, etc., and at the same time when choosing When selecting equipment, choose high-quality vibrating screen equipment produced by regular manufacturers.