How to eliminate the static electricity of the vibrating screen?

In daily life,we often encounter static electricity.Similarly,machines will also.If the vibrating screen is disturbed by static electricity,when sieving materials,due to the effect of static electricity,the materials will tend to attract each other and clump,and filter through the sieve.Decrease,which will cause difficulties for the screening work and affect work efficiency.How to eliminate the static electricity of the vibrating screen?

Method to eliminate static electricity of vibrating screen

1.Connect the ground wire on the vibrating screen to lead out the current generated on the screen.Just like common household appliances,grounding is to eliminate static electricity.

2.Measures to eliminate static electricity can be carried out on the materials.The materials can be dried,high temperature and a series of treatment measures before being screened.The degree of dryness and wetness of the materials can be mastered,so that part of the static electricity can be eliminated.

3.Antistatic agents can be added to the screening materials if conditions permit.The generation speed and duration of antistatic protection can be increased by increasing the concentration of antistatic agents.For those products that come into contact with food,antistatic agents The amount of addition must comply with relevant regulations.

4.For ordinary materials,the above three methods can be used,but when sieving fine particles,such as starch,powdered medicine,milk powder and other materials.Ultrasonic vibrating screen can be selected,which can effectively remove static electricity on the screen.Really solve the problem of strong adsorption,easy agglomeration,high static electricity,and other electrostatic screening problems,so that you will no longer be disturbed by static electricity.

The above methods can get rid of the interference of static electricity,and then improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen.I hope these methods can be helpful to everyone.