Analyze what factors affect the efficiency of linear vibrating screen?

Linear vibrating screen is indeed very common in the machinery industry.It is mainly used to throw items up during the process of transporting goods,and then place the items accurately in a certain position.So this vibrating screen is very popular.So is the linear vibrating screen always hits every time and works efficiently?It depends on whether there is no problem with the linear vibrating screen,sometimes the linear vibrating screen has a problem,there will be mistakes,resulting in lower work efficiency.So what factors affect the efficiency of linear vibrating screen?

1.Material particle composition

In order to improve the screening efficiency,it is necessary to determine the sieve size of the vibrating screen when the gradation composition of the material to be screened is determined,so that the proportion of the difficult-to-screen material to the material that should be screened is small.

2.The relative size of the material particle size and the screen hole

The particle size of the mineral material should be strictly controlled within the technical parameters of the equipment.If the particle size index difference is too large,it will cause a large production cycle and restrict the quality and processing capacity of the product.

Linear Vibrating Screen

3.Material loose density

The bulk material with larger loose density is easy to penetrate the screen,and the screening efficiency is also higher.

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