Method for removing rust from vibrating screen

Because the vibrating screen is usually produced in the open air, the screen of the vibrating screen is usually rusted due to rain, humidity and other reasons. So what should I do if the screen of the vibrating screen is rusted? How to prevent and remove rust? Let’s take a look!

1. Set up the isolation layer

The main reason for the rust of the vibrating screen is due to the chemical reaction between its surface and the moisture in the air. Therefore, to prevent the rust of the screen, the screen of the vibrating screen must be isolated from the air. At this time, we can set an isolation layer on the screen, for example, apply petroleum jelly, engine oil, paint, etc. on the screen, or use hot-dip, electroplating, spray coating and other methods to plate corrosion-resistant metal on the screen, usually forming an oxide film to isolate the air Corrosion to the screen, and then do a good job of anti-rust work, reduce the rust of the screen.

2. Do a good job of cleaning dirt and grease

After the vibrating screen is used for a period of time, grease or dirt will adhere to the surface. If it is not cleaned in time, the screen will be rusted. Therefore, the impurities on the screen should be cleaned up in time after using the vibrating screen. It can be cleaned with soap, warm water or weak detergent. If there is oil stains, wipe it with a soft cloth and then clean it with detergent; if there is rust on the surface of the vibrating screen, you can use nitric acid, other derusting items, etc. Rust removal acid cleaning; if rainbow patterns appear, you can dope with neutral detergent in warm water for cleaning.Vibrating Screen

3. Place the vibrating screen in a suitable place

The reason why the vibrating screen is prone to rust is due to the open-air production method. If you want to fundamentally solve the problem of vibrating screen rust, you can use closed production or place the vibrating screen in a relatively clean and dry environment. Reduce the contact between the vibrating screen and the moisture in the air and solve the rust problem of the screen. This method can also reduce the dust pollution problem of the vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen is rusty. Everyone knows that putting the vibrating screen indoors can solve it, but under normal circumstances, the site conditions are not available, so the first two aspects can only be used to make the vibrating screen screen longer. Rust has a great impact on production. If rust occurs, please deal with it in time. If you don’t know how to solve it, you can consult the vibrating screen manufacturer. After all, the rust of the vibrating screen will not only affect the production efficiency of the vibrating screen, but also the production efficiency of the entire machine-made sand production line, so when rust occurs, it must be dealt with in time.