How to disassemble the bearing of the vibrating screen

In the production process of the coal industry, crushing equipment is first needed to crush the materials, and then the crushed materials are screened. The vibrating screen is here to undertake the screening task. In the vibrating screen equipment, the bearing is the key component of the equipment. Generally, heavy-duty bearings are selected to facilitate carrying a certain axial load. The working load of the bearing is very large, the speed is high, the temperature is high, and it is accompanied by strong vibration and shock. After time, the bearing needs to be replaced. Replacing the bearings also includes disassembly and installation, so how to disassemble and install the vibrating screen’s bearings? Now, the editor of Hiside will introduce it.

1. Disassembly steps of vibrating screen bearing

①Disassembly of outer ring bearing

Disassemble the outer ring with interference fit, set several screws for extruding the outer ring on the circumference of the shell in advance, tighten the screws evenly while disassembling. These screw holes are usually covered with blind plugs, vibrating screen tapered roller bearings, etc. Separate bearing, set several cuts on the shoulder of the shell, use a spacer, disassemble it with a press, or tap it to disassemble it.

Linear Vibrating Screen

②Disassembly of inner ring bearing

The bearing of the inner ring is generally a cylindrical bore bearing, and this kind of bearing is disassembled to be pulled out by a press machine. At this time, pay attention to let the inner ring bear its pulling force. The inner ring of the large-scale vibrating screen bearing is disassembled by oil pressure. Oil pressure is applied through the oil hole provided on the shaft to make it easy to draw. For bearings with a large width, the hydraulic method and the drawing fixture are used together for disassembly operations. The inner ring of the cylindrical roller vibrating screen bearing can be disassembled by the induction heating method. It is a method to heat the part in a short time to expand the inner ring and then pull it out.

③Disassembly of small bearings

Disassemble the relatively small bearing with adapter sleeve, support the inner ring with the stopper fastened on the shaft, turn the nut back several times, and then use the cushion block and hammer to knock to complete the disassembly.

2. Installation steps of vibrating screen bearing

When replacing a new bearing for a mine vibrating screen, the same bearing as the original model must be used.
①Wash the bearing with kerosene, press it into the bearing seat, fill the ball of the outer ring of the bearing with No. 3 lithium base grease to two-thirds full, apply it evenly with clean hands, install the bearing gland, and use coated bolts to prevent loosening Adhesive fastening bolts compress the bearing gland;
②The bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with a separable inner and outer sleeve. The inner sleeve of the bearing should be placed on the shaft and in place;
③ Install the bearing seat on the casing. If there is a grease filling hole, it must be aligned with the position. Tighten the bearing seat with fastening bolts coated with bolt anti-loosening glue;
④ Install the inner and outer eccentric block on the shaft and place it in place. If there is a shaft key, install the shaft key in the keyway and then install the outer eccentric block, and install the shaft retaining ring on the shaft;
⑤ Tighten the fastening bolts of the eccentric block, turn the adjustable eccentric block to the angular position before removal and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly is completed, the rotating shaft should have a certain axial movement;
⑥Put on the protective covers at both ends and fasten them with screws.

3. Precautions for disassembly and assembly of vibrating screen bearings

①When disassembling the bearing, pay attention to the removal of the protective cover at both ends, and record the percentage value of the excitation force when the eccentric block is working, so that it can be restored to the original working state during installation.
② Remove the shafts at the two shaft ends with retaining rings.
③Remove the bearing seat compression bolts, screw into the bearing seat removal screw holes with appropriate bolts, and eject the bearing seat from the housing;
④Remove the bearing gland from the bearing seat, and press out the bearing from the bearing seat or push it out with a suitable bolt;
⑤If the bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing with a separable inner and outer sleeve, remove the inner sleeve of the bearing from the shaft and put it into the original bearing outer sleeve;
⑥ After the bearing is disassembled, pay attention to clean the oil stains of all parts. After disassembling the vibrating screen bearing, we need to replace it with a new bearing. Below we will talk about the installation steps of the bearing;
⑦The shaft of the bearing must be properly supported, otherwise the disassembly force is likely to damage the bearing.

The above is the answer on how to disassemble and install the bearing of the vibrating screen. We must follow the correct steps during the disassembly and assembly process, otherwise it may cause internal damage to the bearing, so you need to be careful regardless of disassembly or installation. Hiside Heavy Industries focuses on the manufacture of vibrating screen equipment. The products are high in strength. They are riveted with HUCK bolts, without any welds, and have low power consumption. If you need them, please contact Hiside for detailed inquiries~