What should I do if the vibrating screen box is cracked?

The main body of the vibrating screen is composed of a screen box,a tension plate and a screen mesh.After a long time use of the lifting screen box,there may be problems such as cracking.What should I do if the vibrating screen box is cracked?This article introduces the main reasons and treatment measures for the cracking of the vibrating screen box for your reference.

Reasons for cracking of vibrating screen box

1.The production load is too large,causing the equipment to run overloaded and cannot bear it,and the screen box cracks and the beam breaks failure;

2.The parts in the screen box such as the screen mesh are loose due to various reasons and resonate with the vibrating screen,causing cracking failure;

3.Due to the design of the equipment itself,the screen box steel beam is relatively thin and cannot adapt to the harsh production environment,causing the equipment to crack;

4.Deflection vibration of the vibrating screen causes cracking.Arc vibrating screen

Treatment measures for cracking of vibrating screen box

1.Appropriately increase the inclination angle of the vibrating screen to increase the sliding speed of the screen surface and reduce the thickness.

2.Replace the original plate screen with a bar screen.

3.Improve the support ribs on the screen surface of the vibrating screen,increase the number of support ribs in the middle of the screen(increased from 3 to 5),and each of them is consistent with the middle one.It has the function of installing fixing bolts and passing multiple pressure plates.Press tightly to ensure that the screen is fixed and reliable,and resonance cannot be achieved.

4.By processing the reinforcing ribs,using the original bolt holes on the screen box,install the reinforcing ribs near the 4 supporting feet to strengthen the strength of the side plates of the screen box.

5.Through the rectification of the vibrating screen into the hopper,the feeding situation is improved,and the height of the support foot damping spring is regularly measured to ensure the balance of the support foot.

6.Regularly check all parts to ensure that the equipment is fault-free,and when lubricating,each vibration exciter bearing adopts quantitative lubrication to ensure that the resistance of the grease in each vibration exciter to the vibration exciter is roughly the same,and the vibration track is normal.

From the above content,it is not difficult to see that if you want to avoid cracking of the vibrating screen box,you must first ensure that you buy a high-quality vibrating screen,and secondly,you must do a good job in the maintenance of the vibrating screen.As a vibrating screen manufacturer,Haiside Heavy Industry produces vibrating screens with stable performance and reliable quality.If necessary,you can leave us a message for detailed consultation.