How to reduce the high temperature around the vibrating screen?

The vibrating screen relies on the vibration generated by the vibrating screen exciter to perform the screening work. For the vibrating screen that works in the workshop or outdoors, the working environment temperature also has certain requirements. If the temperature is too high, the vibrating screen will be affected. Damage, affecting the service life of the vibrating screen and delaying production.

Generally speaking, the working environment temperature of the vibrating screen does not exceed 40°C. If it exceeds 40°C, some cooling measures are required. How can the high temperature around the vibrating screen be reduced?

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How to reduce the high temperature around the vibrating screen

1. Filling with coolant

When adding coolant to the vibrating screen, try to fill the same type of coolant as that in the water radiator. Do not fill tap water at will, unless it is for emergency treatment. When adding cooling water to the water radiator, be sure to wait for the water temperature to drop to about 70°C before proceeding; the “gradual water injection method” should be adopted to gradually reduce the temperature, instead of adding water too fast or too quickly, that is, let the engine idling while adding water , While filling slowly, the water flows in a long way to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

2. Build a sunscreen

When working outdoors, the vibrating screening equipment should pay attention to building a sun screen or awning. Long-term exposure to the hot sun will not only make the machine easy to wear and aging, but also make the entire vibrating screening equipment too hot and unable to work normally, affecting the efficiency and quality of the screening, and severely will also cause the vibrating screen components such as: vibration The motor, etc. is damaged. For vibrating screening equipment working indoors or in kilns, attention should be paid to the adjustment of indoor temperature, as well as ventilation and air permeability.

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3. Do a good job of lubrication

The lubrication work is aimed at the bearings of the vibrating screen. Lubrication plays an important role in the transmission of the vibrating screen and equipment maintenance. Lubrication can affect the performance, accuracy and life of the equipment. In the high temperature season, the lubrication time should be adjusted first. Compared with the spring and autumn, the time should be shortened by 0.5-1 times, and the oil quality should be observed. The temperature of the fat oil is easy to change. If the temperature rises, add oil appropriately. If the temperature is a little higher and then slowly falls, it proves that the lubrication is effective, and the lubrication is not enough due to insufficient oil inside the bearing, leading to an increase in temperature. If the temperature does not change or only rises after refueling, it proves that the bearing has worn out, or is severely short of oil, and even the oil inside is already dry.

The above is the answer to how to reduce the high temperature around the vibrating screen. We can add coolant, build a sun screen for the vibrating screen that works outdoors, and do a good job of lubricating the equipment. No matter indoors or outdoors, we must keep the vibrating screen in a good condition. Try to avoid the use of vibrating screen equipment in high temperature environment, if it can’t be avoided, it is necessary to have certain cooling measures for it.