Precautions for maintenance and overhaul of vibrating screen exciter

The vibration exciter of the vibrating screen is the power source of the entire equipment.The principle is to install a set of adjustable eccentric blocks at both ends of the rotor shaft,and use the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the shaft and the eccentric block to obtain the exciting force.If improperly,failures will frequently affect the entire screening production work of the vibrating screen.Here,the vibrating screen manufacturer introduces the maintenance and overhaul precautions of the vibrating screen exciter,hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Maintenance of vibrating screen exciter

1.Maintenance of vibration exciter bearing

The supporting vibration exciter bearing on the vibrating screen should be refilled with grease regularly,usually every 2 to 3 months.The oil filling amount is 1/3 to 1/2 of the volume of the bearing chamber.When disassembling the bearing,record the position of the eccentric block and the value of the excitation force.After the bearing is replaced,check that the shaft of the exciter should have a certain axial movement.First,install the eccentric block and test the vibration exciter.After the operation is normal The eccentric block needs to be reset according to the original record.If replacing a new bearing,the original bearing model should be used.BE Series Vibrating Screen Exciter

2.Operating temperature of the exciter

The normal operating temperature of the shaker of the vibrating screen is about 45℃,and the maximum temperature should be controlled within 60℃.After starting the vibrating screen,do not start the shaker.Check whether the shaker has problems such as noise and heat.Once the temperature of the shaker is found to be too high It should be shut down for maintenance.

3.Maintenance of the exciter circuit

The vibrating screen exciter requires regular overhaul and minor repair.During minor repairs,it is necessary to remove the dust inside,check the insulation resistance of the coil and whether the wiring is firm.During major repairs,check the wear of the bearings and joints,grounding,and whether the fastening bolts are loose and fastened in time.Replace with new grease.Outgoing cables are vulnerable parts that are often damaged by vibration and friction,causing the exciter to run out of phase and damage the exciter.The condition of the cable should be checked frequently,and the cable of the same type should be replaced in time if it is worn.

4.Maintenance of the eccentric block of the exciter

The eccentric block protective cover of the vibrating screen exciter should be well sealed to prevent dust from entering and affecting the operation of the exciter.When adjusting the excitation force of the eccentric block,the eccentric blocks on both sides need to be kept coincident with the axial direction,and then the eccentric blocks on the two ends of the shaft should be adjusted to the same angle in the same direction,otherwise the vibration exciter will have a great misalignment.Exciting force,and even damage to the exciter.

Precautions for overhaul of vibrating screen exciter

1.Replace a larger flexible cable

When repairing the vibrating screen exciter cable,because its outgoing cable will bear part of the vibration force during use,it is necessary to select a more flexible cable as the lead when repairing and replacing it,and at the same time,because the lead of the vibrator is easy to break at the root Or wear and damage,so when repairing such failures,you must open the exciter and re-wiring from the inside.

2.Choose heavy-duty bearings

Heavy-duty bearings should be selected when repairing the bearings of the vibrating screen exciter,which can carry higher axial loads,and the bearing life is not affected by the axial load regardless of the installation direction.It is necessary to record the position of the eccentric block and the value of the exciting force when repairing and disassembling the bearing.After the bearing is replaced,check whether the exciter shaft has axial movement.After the operation is normal,reset the eccentric block according to the original record.High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

3.The eccentric block should be at the same angle

When adjusting and installing the eccentric block of the vibrating screen exciter,the two inner sides need to be fixed eccentric blocks,which should be kept coincident in the axial direction,and then the outer adjustable eccentric blocks on the shafts at both ends are adjusted to the same direction and adjusted to the same angle,Otherwise the motor will produce a huge staggered excitation force,and even damage the vibrating screen.

4.Do a good job of sealing the protective cover

After the vibrating screen exciter is overhauled,the protective cover of the eccentric block should be sealed to prevent materials and dust from entering the interior during the working process,thereby affecting the normal operation of the vibrating motor.

The above is the precautions for maintenance and overhaul of the vibrating screen exciter introduced by the vibrating screen manufacturer.I hope it can be helpful to everyone.If you have other related questions,you can leave a message on our website and we will reply as soon as possible.