What should be paid attention to when selecting vibrating screen accessories?

Vibrating screen is a mechanical equipment used for screening, filtering, and impurity removal, and the quality of a piece of equipment is determined by the quality of its related accessories in addition to the design and production problems. So what should users pay attention to when choosing vibrating screen accessories? Vibrating screen accessories include: vibrating motor, damping spring, bearing, sealing tape, screen, and cleaning device. When selecting, you need to choose according to production materials and production requirements. The following points need to be paid attention to when choosing vibrating screen accessories.

1. Vibration motor
As the power source of the vibrating screen, the greater the power of the motor, the higher the output and screening accuracy of the equipment. However, the power of the vibrating motor configured for different types of vibrating screens is also different, so it should be selected reasonably. On the other hand, vibration motors can be divided into two types: ordinary and explosion-proof. If the production environment or materials cannot have open flames or overheating, please use explosion-proof vibration motors.

2. Damping spring
The damping spring can not only reduce the resonance of the equipment, but also play a role in connecting the base and the screen frame. The damping spring can be divided into steel springs, composite springs, and rubber springs. The damping springs used by different types of equipment are also different. So please make a reasonable choice when choosing.

3. Bearing
The bearing is an important component linking the vibrating motor and the screen frame, and is the component that realizes the vibration of the screen frame. The selection of bearings can be divided into domestic bearings and imported bearings. The price of imported bearings will be higher than that of domestic ones, but both quality and noise Better than domestic bearings. Therefore, please choose according to actual production requirements when selecting;

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4. Sealing tape
Nowadays, vibrating screen manufacturers generally use silicone sealing strips. When selecting, please choose the corresponding sealing strips reasonably according to the diameter of the screen frame;

5. Screen
For the parts directly in contact with the material, the quality of the screen determines the output and screening accuracy. The screen can be divided into metal woven mesh and perforated plate. When screening small particles, powder, and slurry materials, metal can be used. Woven screen, if the material diameter is larger, you can choose perforated screen.

6. Net cleaning device
When the vibrating screen is produced due to the shape of the material, it will be embedded in the mesh and block the mesh. This requires the use of a mesh cleaning device for cleaning. Net cleaning devices include: bouncing ball cleaning device and ultrasonic cleaning device. The bouncing ball cleaning device is more commonly used. The material is silica gel. After the device is started, the bouncing ball receives the vibration of the equipment’s exciting force and hits the screen surface to achieve the net cleaning effect. It can clean up the blocking problem of materials below 200 mesh. Ultrasonic net cleaning device is a new type of net cleaning equipment. The screen surface material is floated by high-frequency and low-amplitude ultrasonic waves to achieve the net cleaning effect. The ultrasonic net cleaning device can clean up problems such as blocking, sticking, adsorption, and theater troupes of materials below 500 mesh.

The above are some of the issues that need to be paid attention to when selecting vibrating screen accessories. A high-quality vibrating screening equipment needs good accessories for auxiliary work, so that the performance of the equipment can reach the ideal state.