How to reduce the noise of the vibrating screen? Introduction to noise reduction methods

As a kind of mining machinery,the vibrating screen will inevitably produce various mechanical noises during operation.Of course,in addition to the normal mechanical noise,there are also some abnormal noises.How can the vibrating screen reduce noise?Here is a list of noise reduction methods for vibrating screens for your reference.

Solution to abnormal noise of vibrating screen

When the vibrating screen is in operation,once there is an abnormal sound,it should be shut down for inspection immediately to avoid damage to other parts of the screen,or even the production line is stopped.Generally,the inspection can be started from the following aspects:

1.The transportation support of the vibrating screen has not been removed,and the transportation support should be removed immediately.

2.If the ring bolt is not locked or the ring is not fully fitted,immediately tighten the nut or lock the copper nut,and hit the ring with a wooden hammer.

3.The foundation of the vibrating screen is uneven,so the foundation should be stabilized.A rubber plate on the base of the vibrating screen is better.

4.The vibrating screen spring is broken or dislocated,replace the spring or reset.

5.The vibrating screen body and the discharge port are in contact with hard objects,and the space between them is greater than 0.5 meters.

6.If the fastening bolts of the vibration motor are loose,immediately tighten the bolts of the vibration motor.

7.The connection of the feed port and the discharge port of the vibrating screen cannot be rigid connection,but flexible or cloth bag connection.

8.If the vibrating screen bearing is damaged,stop and replace it immediately.

9.If the vibrating screen beam is broken,it should be shut down immediately for maintenance and replacement.High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

Vibrating screen noise reduction measures

1.Replace the perforated steel screen with a polyurethane screen or rubber screen with small elastic modulus and low impact noise;

2.Use rubber springs instead of steel springs to reduce impact;install a soft sound insulation cover outside of the exciter;

3.Fasten all parts on the vibrating screen,especially the screen plate that needs to be replaced frequently,to avoid additional vibration caused by the loosening of individual parts;

4.Apply damping treatment between the inner and outer shells of the vibrating screen bearing.The rolling elements of the bearing can be made into hollow rolling elements or damping materials can be added to the hollow rolling elements,which can reduce the vibration of the bearing and reduce the noise of the bearing;

5.Rubber plates are added to the side plates of the screen box,the feeding port,the discharge port and the receiving chassis,which can effectively suppress the high-frequency vibration of the side plates of the vibrating screen and reduce the radiation noise;

6.Use flexible web gears instead of steel gears,and use rubber elastic bodies to transmit torque on the webs of the gears to absorb vibrations caused by gears meshing in and out.

Regarding how to reduce the noise of the vibrating screen,the above is the entire content for everyone.I hope it can be helpful to everyone.It should be noted that when dealing with the abnormal noise of the vibrating screen,it should be carried out in a shutdown state to avoid danger.