How long is the service life of the vibrating screen?

The service life of the vibrating screen

The life cycle of a vibrating screen depends on the equipment production process and the actual use environment. The production process of a piece of equipment is equivalent to the foundation. If you want to have a long service life, you must lay a solid foundation! Regular vibrating screen manufacturers have a strict production process for the screening equipment at the sales office. Namely: detailed communication→design on demand→plate selection→actual production→assembly finished product→logistics delivery→installation and commissioning. The four links of communication, design, plate and assembly are directly related to the life of the vibrating screen.

Factors affecting the service life of vibrating screen

Vibrating Screen

1. The influence of vibrating screen design
Whether the communication is detailed or not affects whether the finished product meets the actual production requirements of the user. Whether the design is qualified or not is an important link related to the user’s actual production output and equipment service life. Therefore, only detailed communication in the early stage can design and produce screening equipment that meets the user’s production requirements.

2. The impact of using plates

Different thicknesses of the same plate and different element content will also affect the service life of the vibrating screen. Common materials for vibrating screens are Q235 carbon steel and 304 stainless steel. Take the round screen as an example: Q235 carbon steel plate thickness is 3mm for the screen frame and 5mm for the bottom barrel. , 304 stainless steel sheet thickness is 2mm for the screen frame and 5mm for the bottom barrel. Simply put, the thickness of the same material is different, and the different element content will directly affect the service life of the equipment.

3. The impact of vibrating screen production and operation

In the process of using the vibrating screen, the nature of the material, the production environment, and the feeding method will also affect the service life of the equipment. In the actual production process, the production staff must strictly follow the design drawings and requirements to produce so as to ensure that it will not be affected! In addition, the vibrating screen The operating environment is also one of the key factors affecting the service life, such as environmental problems such as humidity and corrosion.