What is the reason for the slow feeding of the vibrating screen?

As a commonly used screening equipment in the mining industry, the vibrating screen is in a long-term working state and the operation is also a fine operation, so there will be more or less problems. If the feeding is too slow, it will affect the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. The reasons for the slow feeding of the vibrating screen and the adjustment methods have been introduced in detail below. Let’s take a look.

The reason why the vibrating screen feeds slowly

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. Vibration motor problem

(1) The motor power cannot reach or the motor power is normal but the speed is slow, and the 1500 rpm that cannot be used will also cause the feeding to be slow.

(2) The steering problem of the vibration motor: the steering of the motor is divided into two types: forward rotation and reverse rotation. Under normal circumstances, the steering of the two motors is in the opposite direction, but if the user connects the positive and negative poles incorrectly when the power is connected, it will cause When the motor rotates in the same direction, there will be a problem of slow or no material feeding on the screen surface.

(3) The problem of the installation position of the motor: There are three installation positions of the vibrating motor of the linear screen, which are the bottom, the two sides, and the upper part. If the vibration motor is installed close to the feeding port, the screen surface material will run for a certain distance and then the speed will decrease and stay on the screen surface.

2. The amount of screen cloth is too large

The excessive amount of cloth on the screen surface is also the reason for the slow feeding of the vibrating screen. When the screen is added, the load of the motor is also added accordingly, and there will be a problem of slow feeding.

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3. The discharge port is higher than the screen surface

If the discharge port is higher than the screen surface, the material cannot be discharged from the discharge port in time, which will cause the material in the screen machine to stagnate on the screen surface and not discharge, thus causing the problem of slow feeding of the linear vibrating screen.

4. Screen box problem

(1) The screen box of the vibrating screen should be installed horizontally on the same horizontal plane. If the horizontal level of the screen box is not balanced, the screen surface will be offset to a certain extent, and the material cannot flow in a straight line;

(2) When the rigidity of the support spring of the screen box is too large, it is easy for the material to be subjected to excessive excitation force, resulting in violent vibration. If the support spring is damaged, it will also cause uneven force on the material and abnormal flow.

Linear vibrating screen

5. Other reasons

Voltage instability will reduce the efficiency of the motor and cause the problem of slow feeding; when the vibrating screen feeds unevenly, the material cannot be subjected to a uniform exciting force, so it will also lead to the phenomenon of slow material flow on the screen surface of the linear vibrating screen; vibration After the screen of the screen is damaged for a long time, the material will not flow normally on the screen surface.

The above are the reasons for the slow feeding of the vibrating screen. The specific reasons are the problem of the vibrating motor, the large amount of cloth on the screen surface, the discharge port is higher than the height of the screen surface, etc. The slow feeding can be adjusted by adjusting the motor and changing the angle of the heavy hammer.

When we find that the vibrating screen equipment has the problem of slow feeding, we must find out the reason in time to better solve the problem. It is also necessary to maintain the equipment on a daily basis, so as to prevent the equipment from malfunctioning.