What are the lubrication methods of vibrating screen?

In the mine production site, vibrating screen is a common equipment, which needs to screen and dehydrate materials. Since it is a large-scale equipment and the workload of the equipment is large, the maintenance work of the vibrating screen should be done well at ordinary times, and the lubrication and maintenance can ensure the normal production and operation of the vibrating screen. So what kind of lubrication is used for the vibrating screen? Generally, there are two types of lubrication, oil lubrication and grease lubrication. The following editors from Hiside will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Lubrication method of vibrating screen

Oil lubrication of vibrating screen

Lubricating oil has strong fluidity and dispersibility, so the oil-lubricated seal needs to be safe and reliable. The sealing device is more complicated than grease lubrication, and it is more difficult to disassemble and maintain. Oil lubrication is generally suitable for bearings operating at high speeds or in environments with high bearing temperatures. Commonly used oil lubrication methods include oil bath lubrication, circulating oil lubrication, drip oil lubrication, oil injection lubrication, and oil and gas lubrication.

Grease lubrication of vibrating screen

Grease has the characteristics of strong adhesion, not easy to run off, and good pressure resistance. Due to the weak fluidity of the grease, the grease lubricated sealing device is relatively simple, the disassembly and maintenance are more convenient, and a special oil supply system is not required. Grease lubrication is generally suitable for work in low and medium speed and moderate temperature environments. Commonly used greases are calcium-based grease, sodium-based grease, aluminum-based grease, general-purpose lithium-based grease, extreme-pressure lithium-based grease and molybdenum disulfide extreme-pressure lithium-based grease.

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2. Characteristics of vibrating screen lubrication method

Characteristics of oil lubrication of vibrating screen

Name Features and uses
Oil bath lubrication The rotation of the bearing itself is used to drive the lubricating oil to lubricate the bearing, and the lubricated lubricating oil flows back to the oil tank: but this lubrication needs to control the oil amount. In general, the upper height of the lubricating oil is slightly lower than the center line of the bearing: too much oil , The increase of bearing resistance causes the bearing to heat up, the oil amount is too small, and the lubrication effect is not achieved, thereby reducing the bearing service life: it is mainly used in bearings with low and medium speeds, and has a wide range of applications.
Circulating oil lubrication The oil inlet and outlet are provided on the seat. When the bearing is running, the oil pump is used to pump the lubricating oil from the oil inlet to the bearing, and the oil flowing out of the oil outlet is filtered and cooled. This method not only lubricates the bearing It also plays a role in cooling and cooling; it is generally used in bearings with high speed.
Drip lubrication The lubricating oil is dripped onto the friction pair by its own weight, generally 3-8 seconds a drop is appropriate, because too much oil will cause the bearing temperature to increase; this lubrication is mostly used for gears, racks and other frictions that are small in number and easy to approach On the pair and bearing parts that require a quantitative supply of lubricating oil.
Oil injection lubrication The high-pressure injection method is used to spray lubricating oil from one end of the bearing into the bearing to lubricate it, and the lubricated oil flows into the oil tank from the other end; this method can effectively lubricate the bearing, but the position of the high-pressure nozzle and the injection speed have certain It is required that the high-pressure nozzle is located between the inner ring and the cage, the injection speed is greater than 15 meters per second, and the lubricating oil is directly injected into the bearing; this lubrication is suitable for high-speed running bearings with medium and low loads.
Oil-air lubrication The compressed air is mixed with a little lubricating oil to form oil mist and sprayed into the bearing in the working state; this method also plays a role in cooling and cooling while lubricating the bearing. Compared with other lubrication methods, it can make it run at a lower temperature and allow the bearing speed to reach up. This lubrication is suitable for bearings under high speed, high temperature and heavy load work.

Characteristics of grease lubrication of vibrating screen

Name Features and uses
Calcium based grease Good water resistance, poor heat resistance. The operating temperature is less than 60 degrees, and the shear resistance is poor under high-speed conditions. It is suitable for low temperature, medium and low load, medium and low speed humid environment or lubricating places in contact with water, and the price is low.
Sodium Grease Poor water resistance, average heat resistance and rust resistance, suitable for lubricating low-speed, medium-load mechanical equipment in the temperature range of -10 to 100 degrees, not suitable for lubricating parts in contact with water, and the price is low.
Aluminum base grease It has high water resistance and poor heat resistance, and the operating temperature is less than 50 degrees. It is suitable for corrosion protection of metal surfaces and friction parts of shipping machines under medium and high loads and low speeds. The price is low.
General Purpose Lithium Grease It has good water resistance, heat resistance, mechanical stability, corrosion resistance and oxidation stability. It is suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings and sliding bearings and other friction parts of various mechanical equipment within the working temperature range of -20 to 120 degrees. It is mostly used under medium and high load and medium and low speed. fair price.
Lithium grease It has good heat resistance, water resistance, rust resistance, and extreme pressure performance. It is suitable for high-load, medium-speed mechanical equipment bearings and gear lubrication at a working temperature of -20 to 120 degrees. It can also be used in centralized lubrication systems. Moderate.
Lithium Molybdenum Disulfide Grease It is suitable for the lubrication of heavy-duty gears and bearings such as internal rolling steel machinery, mining machinery, and heavy lifting machinery with a working temperature of -10 to 120 degrees.

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3. Comparison of vibrating screen lubrication methods

Compare items oil lubrication Grease lubrication
Sealing means More complicated, need to pay attention to maintenance Simple
Lubrication performance very good  good
Rotating speed Also available for high speed low speed medium speed
torque smaller bigger
Lubricant replacement Simple more troublesome
Lubricant life long shorter
cooling effect Good (requires loop) none
Filtration of impurities easy difficulty
leakage of lubricant Not suitable for places where oil leakage is not allowed Less oil spill pollution

4. Precautions for vibrating screen lubrication

(1) After the vibrating screen is delivered to the site, it should be refueled every four hours after starting up. The vibration exciter bearing is lubricated, and the bearing is made of lubricating grease, which should not be mixed with other varieties. When replacing new grease, the original grease should be cleaned.​​

(2) After starting production, add oil every 24 hours, 60-80g oil each time; also add grease according to the actual situation to ensure that the screen bearing works under the condition of sufficient grease.​​

(3) The initial oil filling of the bearing is 1/3-2/3 of the bearing space, and it should not be too much to prevent the bearing from heating. Use a high-pressure oil gun or oil pump to inject oil through the pipe joint.​​

(4) Remove the bearing and clean it every six months.​​

(5) All lubrication points and oil seals must not have oil leakage.

The above is the answer to what kind of lubrication is used for the vibrating screen. In order to make the bearing function fully, it is necessary to adopt appropriate lubrication methods and lubricants according to the influencing factors of the use environment, in order to achieve good lubrication protection effect. Lubrication affects the working state of the vibrating screen equipment to a large extent, so it is very important to do the lubrication and maintenance work for each part of the vibrating screen.