What should I do if the vibrating screen runs out? The reason and treatment method of running pulp

Mining vibrating screen can be used not only for powder materials, but also for the screening of liquid materials such as coal slime. However, unlike powder materials, powder materials are easy to accumulate, while liquid materials It is easy to flow out, which is the so-called slurry phenomenon. So what should I do if the vibrating screen runs out? At this time, it is necessary to analyze the reasons for the running pulp first, in order to better deal with it.

The reason why the vibrating screen runs out of pulp

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

1. Influence of formation and mud

The influence of formation and mud is divided into the following two cases:

(1) When drilling into a loose sand-bearing layer or quicksand layer, the sand particles are easily stuck in the screen holes, resulting in the phenomenon of slurry running.

(2) Since the drugs added in the drilling fluid are not fully dissolved and stick on the screen, serious slurry running will occur at this time.

2. Unreasonable mesh number

The unreasonable mesh size of the selected screen will easily cause the slurry to run away. The processing capacity of each vibrating screen is 50L/s, because the conditions for the processing capacity test are according to the standard: 60 mesh screen is selected, and the test is carried out on the weighted mud with a specific gravity of 1.8, and the mud viscosity is the river with different particle sizes in the mud. sand. Due to the rapid drilling of the surface layer, a large amount of solid phase is generated and occupies the effective screen area, so the vibrating screen cannot use fine screen in the shallow well section.

3. Vibrating screen amplitude is too small

The vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen generally determines the processing capacity. If the amplitude is too small, it is easy to cause material accumulation, and it is easy to cause slurry running for coal slime slurry materials. Usually the vibration force of the vibrating screen is adjusted to 90% at the factory.

4. Uneven distribution of liquid flow in the screen frame

The uneven distribution of liquid flow in the screen frame is also the reason why the vibrating screen runs out of slurry. In the vibrating screen of the hook screen structure, the surface of the screen on both sides is lower than that in the middle, and the mud is easy to flow to both sides and escape.

5. The vibration motor turns incorrectly

If the vibration motor is turned inward by mistake, although the projection angle is also forward, the liquid flow has the force to push backward. At this time, the speed of the liquid flow moving forward is much slower, and it stays on the screen for a long time. It will cause the liquid flow to be unable to discharge, resulting in the phenomenon of running slurry.

The method of dealing with the slurry running of the vibrating screen

Linear vibrating screen

1. Experiment with different meshes

First, try several screens with different mesh numbers to see which one is more suitable, so as to solve the phenomenon of slurry running. Secondly, it should be used after the drug is fully dissolved, or a larger mesh screen should be used.

2. Different screen meshes are used in sections

In the early stage of the use of vibrating screen drilling, a screen with a larger mesh should be used, and as the drilling depth deepens, a screen with a finer mesh should be gradually used.

3. Check the vibrating screen amplitude

The larger the vibration amplitude is, the larger the processing capacity is; the vibration force is adjusted to 90% at the factory. If the slurry is running, the angle of the inner and outer eccentric blocks can be aligned, and the vibration force is 100%. (At this time, the treatment volume of the mud is only increased by about 15%)

4. Check the flow distribution

That is, to check whether the liquid flow spreads on the screen frame reasonably, the mud should enter the screen frame from the middle. At the same time, two solutions can be adopted. One is to adjust the front spring seat to properly raise the angle of the front of the screen box; the other is to adjust the front spring seat. Adjust the position of the turning plate of the elongated tank to control the distribution of liquid flow.

5. Check the vibration motor steering

First remove the shield of the vibrator, check whether the rotation direction of the eccentric hammers of the two motors can both rotate to the outside, and secondly, if the rotation is wrong, please exchange any two phase wires in the incoming power supply of the electric control box. The two motors rotate inward), although they can also sweep out the cuttings, but the speed is slow; in the wrong method (two motors rotate in the same direction), the vibration force is not very large, and neither sand nor mud is disposed at all.

The above is the answer to how to do the slurry running of the vibrating screen. First of all, we analyze the reasons for the slurry running. It is mainly affected by formation and mud. For example, the added drug is not fully dissolved and sticks on the screen; the selected screen mesh is unreasonable, and it is easy to cause slurry to run; the vibration screen amplitude is too small, etc. Then it should be solved according to the specific reasons, such as using different screens in sections.