What happens to the uneven feeding of the vibrating screen? Affect screening efficiency

When using a vibrating screen to screen materials, we have repeatedly warned users and friends that the feeding should be uniform. Many users and friends may disagree, thinking that no matter what feeding method, the material will enter the equipment anyway, so we ignore the feeding problem. The idea is actually wrong. The uniformity of feeding has a great influence on the screening work of the vibrating screen. What happens to the uneven feeding of the vibrating screen? Next, the editor of Hiside will talk to everyone about the impact of uneven feeding.

The impact of uneven feeding of vibrating screen

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1. Affect the service life of the screen

If the vibrating screen is fed unevenly, the screen will be damaged quickly and reduce the service life of the screen. Because if the feeding is uneven, there may be too much material at one time, which will exceed the working pressure that the screen can withstand, and the screen will also be weighed because of the weight of too much material, which will cause The screen surface is damaged faster.

2. Affect the output and accuracy

The uneven feeding of the vibrating screen will also affect the output and screening accuracy, which is also caused by the previous effect. Because the screen is damaged, the screen must be replaced, which in turn affects the output and screening accuracy. If this is the case for a long time, it will not only affect normal production but also increase equipment maintenance costs.

Another aspect that affects output and accuracy is reflected in the fact that when the feeding is uneven, there will be a phenomenon that there is material on one side of the screen surface and the other side is not. This will reduce the utilization rate of the overall screen surface and cause the output to fail to meet the requirements. . On the other hand, due to uneven feeding, it will be a problem of excessive accumulation of materials on one side. Once the accumulation of materials is too thick, it will affect the screening accuracy and output.

3. Affect the service life of the motor

When the vibrating screen is used, the uneven feeding or excessive feeding at one time in the production process will increase the load of the screen and the load of the motor, which will damage the vibrating motor and reduce the service life of the motor. Users are required to continuously maintain or replace the motors to increase equipment maintenance costs.

4. Affect the efficiency of screening

When using the vibrating screen, the uneven feeding will also affect the screening efficiency. If too much material is fed at a time, the screening load that the vibrating screen can bear will be exceeded, causing the material to be discharged from the discharge port before it has time to be screened, resulting in overfeeding. Too much fine material is discharged from the coarse material port, which will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

The method of uniform feeding of vibrating screen

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1. First, choose a reliable screen when choosing a vibrating screen.

2. Frequently check the tension of the screen surface and check whether the screen is compacted.

3. When there is strong impact force, a hopper or buffer can be added to the vibrating screen.

4. If there is material accumulation, find out the reason as soon as possible, such as adjusting the eccentric block of the vibration motor.

5. Carefully read the instruction manual of the ultrasonic vibrating screen, and feed the material strictly according to the processing capacity of the screen. If you need to increase the production capacity, you can find the vibrating screen manufacturer to further modify the screen machine.

6. The use of an automatic feeding system, that is, spiral feeding or bucket lifting, belts and other lifting and conveying devices for automatic feeding, not only solves the consequences of uneven feeding, but also improves the cost of the workshop.

The precautions of vibrating screen feeding

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1. Avoid too much feeding at one time

When feeding the vibrating screen, care should be taken to avoid excessive feeding at one time. A large amount of one-time feeding that exceeds the carrying capacity of the screen will cause the screen to become fatigued and loose, and severely damage the screen and affect the screening effect. When the vibrating screen is shipped from the factory, the vibrating motor and screen are matched according to user requirements. For example, one-time feeding will increase the load of the vibrating motor and reduce the life of the vibrating motor. The screening efficiency of the screen will also be greatly reduced.

2. Avoid large impact when feeding

Avoid large impact when feeding. This is also what the vibrating screen should pay attention to when feeding. The impact force of the one-time feeding will seriously affect the tension of the screen, and the loosening of the screen will affect the screening efficiency. Relatively, it will seriously affect the life of the screen plate. It is recommended to communicate clearly with the vibrating screen manufacturer when ordering a vibrating screen. A buffer hopper can be installed if the impact force of the feed is large.

The above is the answer about the uneven feeding of the vibrating screen. It can be seen that the uneven feeding will affect the service life of the vibrating screen, causing rapid damage to the screen, which in turn reduces the output and screening accuracy, and affects the service life of the motor. Affect the screening efficiency. These effects will increase the maintenance cost of the equipment, which is not conducive to stable production. Therefore, uniform feeding is very important. When feeding, it is necessary to avoid excessive investment or high impact at one time. If you need high-quality vibrating screen equipment such as banana vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen, please contact Hiside for detailed inquiry~