What should I do if the vibration force of the linear vibrating screen is light? Causes and solutions

The linear vibrating screen gets its name because the material’s motion trajectory is straight. It uses the exciting force as the source of vibration to throw up the material on the screen while the material moves forward in a straight line. After the material passes through the screen, the material is separated from the inlet. It is the oversieve and undersieve, which are then discharged from the discharge port respectively. The vibrating force of the vibrating screen is the source of throwing up the material, so it needs to have a certain vibration force, so what should I do if the vibrating force of the linear vibrating screen is light?

1. Reasons for the light vibration of the linear vibrating screen

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1. The power supply cannot operate normally

For the linear vibrating screen, the screen cleaning device is also the second power source to provide the vibrating force. Once the transducer is overheated or the power supply fails to operate normally, the vibrating force of the vibrating screen can be reduced. The inspection standard is that the normal temperature of the transducer is 60°C during operation. If the temperature is found to be abnormal, it should be shut down for maintenance, mainly due to material residues. Therefore, the contact part of the transducer and the screen should be cleaned before the screen is operated.

2. Vibration motor failure

The vibrating motor is the main power source of the vibrating screen. Once the motor fails, the vibration force will decrease. So what are the problems with the motor? The lack of oil in the motor will affect its operation, and once the lubricating oil consumption is severe, the friction of the motor components will increase and the vibration force will be reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to check the fuel consumption of the motor regularly, and immediately stop and add lubricating oil once it is found.

3. Design and production issues

At the beginning of the design of the vibrating screen, if there is no detailed communication, and the model is selected without understanding the characteristics of the material and the required output, the vibrating screen designed and produced will easily appear inconsistent with the requirements, and the vibration force will be too light and fail to meet the production requirements. The problem. Therefore, when we purchase vibrating screening equipment, we should also provide detailed material characteristics and required output, so that the vibrating screen manufacturer can also suggest suitable models for you according to the detailed parameters.

Second, the solution to the light vibration of the linear vibrating screen

1. Adjust the exciting force

First, adjust the excitation force to adjust the angle of the eccentric block. There are eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor, and this eccentric block has a certain angle. The excitation is different for different angles. The angle is smaller, the excitation force is smaller, and the angle is larger. , The excitation force is larger, at this time, you can adjust the angle of the eccentric block according to your own needs, and you can also change the movement trajectory and residence time of the material on the screen. In order to adapt the screening machine to the required separation state of various materials, such as various changes in the distribution of materials, output per hour, screening efficiency, penetration rate, etc., the angle of the eccentric block is adjusted to the ideal state.

2. Adjust the angle and gauge

To adjust the angle of the vibrating screen, you need to open the adjustment hole of the bottom barrel. Loosen the fixing bolts of the lower eccentric block. Screen the material trajectory according to the required. Adjust the phase angle of the upper and lower weights in the opposite direction of the discharge port. Then put a small amount of material on the screen surface, make the screen machine run, and check the movement trajectory of the screen surface material. If the processing parameters have reached the effect, stop the machine and tighten the fixing bolts, and the adjustment is over.

3. Adjust the weight of the eccentric block

The weight adjustment of the eccentric block can be equipped with additional weights on the upper and lower weights. The main function is to increase the exciting force output by the screen machine. According to the number of layers of the screen machine and the specific gravity of the material to increase or decrease the exciting force, increase or decrease the additional weight. Then test the machine to observe the weight, and wait until the screening machine reaches the screening effect. Sometimes due to the influence of the specific gravity of the material, the humidity, the tilt angle and other parameters, it is impossible to adjust the stagger angle one-time successfully, so Users are requested to have sufficient patience to make adjustments so that the screen machine can play its due efficiency.

3. Measures to prevent the vibration of the linear vibrating screen from being light

1. Feeding at a constant speed

When using the vibrating screen, some users find that there are a lot of objects on the screen and they feel that the machine can’t move. At this time, the reason is that there are more materials. When the material can be fed, the material is fed at a constant speed, so that the material is at a relatively uniform speed when the material is unloaded. Will not press the machine to reduce the exciting force.

The exciting force of the vibrating screen itself originates from the vibrating motor itself, so at the moment of its operation, the motor itself will have a high temperature rise, and it is precisely because of the existence of this cooperation gap that the shaft of the vibrating motor will expand after the temperature rises. The shaft after expansion happens to work closely with the bearing, and the rod reaches the normal operating condition. If it is not maintained, the excitation force may not be reached. Therefore, the motor needs to be maintained and maintained regularly.

The above is the answer to what to do if the vibration force of the linear vibrating screen is light. First of all, we must know that the reason for the light vibration force may be caused by the power supply failure, motor failure and design and production problems. Secondly, we want to solve this problem. It can be solved by adjusting the excitation force, the angle gauge, and the weight of the eccentric block. If you want to prevent it, you need to maintain the motor and feed evenly.