How to increase the output speed of the vibrating screen?

Linear vibrating screen is referred to as linear screen for short. It has many characteristics such as large screening output, high screening precision, good dustproof effect, simple structure and easy operation. It is widely used in many industries such as food, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, medicine, agriculture, etc. . Some customers hope to speed up the discharge speed of the equipment during use, so as to increase the screening output. If you want to increase the discharge speed of the linear vibrating screen, there are three main methods that can be used, let’s take a look together below.

1. Increase the vibration motor model

The first and common one is to increase the model of the vibration motor. By increasing the model of the vibration motor, the excitation force of the vibration motor can be increased to speed up the movement of materials. Increasing the excitation force of the vibration motor can speed up the discharge speed. The screen body will be overloaded for a long time, which will affect the overall service life of the screen machine. Moreover, because the linear vibrating screen uses dual vibration motors as the excitation source, it cannot guarantee 100% synchronous operation of the two motors. This will not only affect the long-term operation. In the service life of the screen, there will be problems such as steel plate tearing and material deviation.

2. Increase the tilt angle

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The second is to increase the inclination angle of the linear vibrating screen during the production process, usually the inclination angle can reach 7-10 degrees, which can increase the output and the discharge speed to a certain extent, but usually adopts a steel grid structure , The net frame is a steel structure as a whole, which is large in itself, and it is very inconvenient to change the net in the fragile net industry such as quartz sand or stones.

3. Increase the feed opening of the screen frame

The third is to heighten the inlet of the screen frame as a whole. Increasing the inlet of the screen frame will indeed increase the discharge speed, but this will increase the height of the equipment as a whole. The height of the screen frame is fixed. If other types are produced The materials need to be purchased separately, which will greatly increase the cost of purchasing equipment.