How to cool down the vibrating screen?

When the vibrating screen is in operation,the temperature generally cannot exceed 40 degrees.Once it exceeds 40 degrees,various failures are prone to occur.However,summer is basically hot weather,which makes the vibrating screen unable to work normally,so how to cool the vibrating screen?

1.Avoid direct sunlight

The vibrating screen is generally outdoors.Long-term exposure will not only make the machine easy to wear and aging,but also make the entire vibrating screen equipment too hot and unable to work normally.

Solution:For vibrating screens that work outdoors,you can build sunscreens or awnings to avoid direct sunlight.High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

2.Improve the indoor environment

Although there is no direct sunlight,the vibrating screening equipment that works indoors or mines cannot be ventilated,which leads to an increase in the indoor temperature,which eventually increases the temperature of the vibrating screen.

Solution:For vibrating screening equipment working indoors or in kilns,attention should be paid to the adjustment of indoor temperature,as well as ventilation and air permeability.The ambient temperature generally does not exceed 40°C,which provides a good working environment for the vibrating screen.

3.Reduce equipment heating

The high temperature of the vibrating screening equipment is partly related to the high temperature of the vibrating motor.Too high temperature will cause aging and shorten the life of the motor.

Solution:The temperature of each part of the vibration motor winding and other parts is restricted from time to time,which is to limit the allowable temperature of the vibration motor.

The high temperature of the vibrating screen not only affects the screening effect and production capacity,but also seriously affects the service life of the vibrating screen.To extend the service life of the equipment,the operator can carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of the vibrating screen.At the same time,when choosing a vibrating screen motor,the user must choose a motor of the appropriate power.Don’t choose a motor that is too small because it is cheap,which will eventually cause the motor to run under load,resulting in excessive temperature and shortening the life of the vibrating screen.