Installation method of vibrating screen filter and matters needing attention

In many production industries,vibrating screens are very efficient material screening equipment,but in the process of long-term use,it is inevitable that the screen will wear out,so it needs to be replaced and reinstalled.Here is the sorting out for everyone:The installation method and precautions of the vibrating screen filter,I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

Installation method of vibrating screen filter

1.Remove the net frame of the processing machinery,put the net face down,put it in the PU ring,and bounce the ball;

2.Install the sealing tape evenly around the vibrating screen of the processing machinery;

3.Install the screen assembly and place it flat on the bottom frame of the vibrating screen of the processing machine;

4.Spread the fine mesh evenly on the vibrating screen;

5.Remove the middle frame,press down the screen gently and evenly,and the discharge port of the screen frame of the processing machine can be placed in the circumferential direction as needed;

6.Gently pull up the screen around the vibrating screen,remove the excess part,buckle the ring,and use an open-end wrench with both ends to lock the copper nuts evenly.During the locking process,use the random rubber hammer to beat the beam evenly around.Ring,and then tighten.

Installation Precautions

1.Since the tension of the screen will directly affect the screening efficiency of the screen,the screen must be tensioned when installing the screen;

2.It is necessary to determine the installation of clear rubber balls according to the number of meshes of the materials to be screened and the difficulty of screening,and avoid blindly installing them;

3.When the mesh number of the screen is high or the proportion of the material is relatively large,a supporting mesh with a suitable mesh size should be installed under the screen(the supporting mesh mainly plays a supporting role,which can effectively reduce the pressure of the material on the screen and extend the screen.Service life);

4.In order to avoid the phenomenon of mixing,the screen frame must be assembled to the screen box as required,and the grown screen should be extended into the corresponding outlet;

5.When installing the pressure plate,pay attention to maintaining the flatness of the pressure plate,and line it with a sponge sealing tape with strong flexibility to evenly lock it.This is the key to preventing the occurrence of mixing,and it is also an important factor affecting the life of the screen;

6.After the vibrating screen is installed as required,a small amount of material must be used to test the distribution and screening of the screen.The material is uniformly transported forward,the classification is accurate,and there is no mixing phenomenon,then the screen can be put into use.On the contrary,if the unevenness of material deviation,accumulation,etc.occurs,the flatness and uniformity of the screen surface of the screen should be adjusted.If mixing of materials occurs,check the sealing of the screen and whether it is tight.

The above are the installation methods and precautions of the vibrating screen filter,for your reference only.If you need to replace it,it is recommended to find a professional maintenance personnel to operate it to avoid accidents.