How to adjust the vibration screen amplitude is insufficient?

Vibrating screen is a kind of material screening equipment commonly used in the mining industry.It mainly uses the vibration of the multi-layer screen to make the material particles fall into the hopper,and then screen out materials of different particle sizes,but if the amplitude of the screen is not enough,it will Affecting the screening efficiency,how to adjust the amplitude of the ANA vibrating screen?Here is a summary of the impact of vibrating screen amplitude on screening efficiency,as well as methods to increase the amplitude,for your reference.

The influence of amplitude on the efficiency of vibrating screen

Generally,the larger the vibrating screen model,the larger the selected amplitude.Because the greater the amplitude of the vibrating screen,the less the blockage of the screen holes will be,which is more conducive to the screening and stratification of the ore,and better screening production capacity is obtained.

But it should be noted that if the amplitude of the vibrating screen is too large,the strong vibration will cause greater damage to the vibrating screen itself.The choice of vibrating screen amplitude is usually determined by the particle size and properties of the ore.When the ore particles are small,moist and still have a certain viscosity,low frequency and large amplitude are required.

In addition,the corresponding amplitude and frequency should be selected for different screening operation stages.For example,pre-selection screening operations generally use low frequency and large amplitude,while dehydration and de-intermediation operations use high frequency and small amplitude.

High frequency dehydration vibrating screen

Method of adjusting the amplitude of vibrating screen

1.If the vibration source is a vibration exciter,you can increase(decrease)the weight of the eccentric block(increase or decrease the secondary eccentricity).

2.If it is a vibrating motor,the amplitude adjustment depends on the angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft to change the size of the exciting force.If the angle is small,the exciting force becomes larger,and the amplitude becomes larger;otherwise,the angle becomes larger and the vibration is excited.The force becomes smaller and the amplitude becomes smaller.

3.For the shaft eccentric vibrator,the counterweight on the flywheel and belt wheel can be increased or decreased to increase or decrease the amplitude of the vibrating screen.

It should be noted that the adjustment amount of the vibration source(vibrator or vibration motor)on the vibrating screen must be the same,otherwise the vibrating screen will be damaged.

In production,the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen is related to many factors,such as material properties,equipment structure and various performance parameters.Aside from the rigid factors of material properties and equipment structure,the parameters of amplitude,vibration frequency,vibration direction angle,screen tilt angle and ejection angle have a great impact on the production efficiency of the vibrating screen.During installation and commissioning Pay more attention to the adjustment of these parameters.