Seven reasons for the material deviation of the linear vibrating screen

The linear vibrating screen uses a vibrating motor as the source of vibration, so that the material is thrown up on the screen and moves forward in a straight line at the same time.
The material enters the feed inlet of the screening machine evenly from the feeder, and passes through the multi-layer screen to produce several specifications of oversieve and undersieve.
Don’t exclude them from their respective outlets. During the operation of the linear screen, the material does not move in an arc-throwing straight motion and deviates to both sides of the box. This is the phenomenon of material deviation. So what are the reasons for the material deviation of the linear vibrating screen? Let’s take a look together!

1. Improper installation of vibration motor

Because the linear vibrating screen is used to transport and screen the material through the vibration source body, that is, the vibrating motor gives the material a designed and fixed direction and a fixed magnitude of excitation force. Therefore, when there is a poor conveying situation, basically It can be judged that there is a problem with the installation angle of the vibration motor.

2. The equipment runs for a long time

The equipment has a heavy workload and long running time. Whether it is a human or a device, there is a certain limit to the amount of work that can be undertaken every day. People who work for a long time will become tired or even sick, and the equipment will also fail. Compared with the large linear vibrating screen, due to its heavier weight, if coupled with the long-term large-scale screening work, some parts of the machine body will become loose due to this long-term repeated vibration and strong inertia. , Which may cause the angle of the vibration motor to change, and the phenomenon of material deviation.

3. Not evenly feeding as required

The requirement repeatedly mentioned in the manual of the linear vibrating screen is: uniform feeding. Because if the material is fed suddenly, it is easy to cause unstable screening accuracy, and due to the amount of material, the deviation of the force of the material is large, and the problem of the material being discharged to one side occurs.

4. Uneven excitation force

The uneven excitation force on both sides of the linear vibrating screen leads to deviation caused by the different amplitudes on both sides. Adjusting the eccentric weight of the two vibration motors to the same angle can basically solve this problem.

5. The sieve body parts are aging and loose

Linear Vibrating Screen
In addition to the vibrating motor that provides the main source of power for the linear vibrating screen, the linear vibrating screen shock absorber exists due to shock absorption
Springs, bouncing balls, sealing rubber rings, etc. more or less also affect the vibrating force and the horizontal stability of the linear vibrating screen body. If a certain component has problems such as aging, the linear vibrating screen surface is not flat, the screen machine is unstable, etc., which will cause the problem of the deviation of the discharge direction. In severe cases, there will be sudden abnormal noises and serious wear of the linear vibrating screen. The service life will be greatly reduced. And other issues. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment, and the materials of the parts are also very important.

6. The position of the center of gravity is unstable

The unsteady position of the center of gravity of the linear screen itself or the unbalanced position of the eccentric block of the motor is also one of the reasons that cause the material of the linear vibrating screen to deviate.

7. Different materials for damping spring

It is also an old-fashioned quality problem. The damping spring is no less important to the linear vibrating screen than the vibrating motor. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the stability of the linear vibrating screen and extending the life of the linear vibrating screen. Many prices are much lower than Manufacturers with normal sales prices rely on cutting corners for accessories and consumables to attract customers, causing some customers to suffer heavy losses.

8. Deformation of the screen box

The screen box refers to the screen above the vibrating motor and below the feeding port, which is composed of a screen frame and a fixed screen surface around it. Under normal operation of the linear vibrating screen, especially the large and high-frequency linear vibrating screen, the screen frame needs the strong excitation force from the gravity of the mass screening material and the vibrating motor at the same time. If the strength is not enough, it is easy to deform, The problem of damage. The strength of the screen box mainly depends on the manufacturer’s material selection, welding process, and additional stable design.

In the case of material deviation in production, you can check one by one according to the above 7 reasons to find the root cause of the failure and the corresponding solution. In addition, in daily production, you should be familiar with the working principle, performance and common failure phenomena of the vibrating screen, operate it correctly, and do daily maintenance to reduce the failure rate and improve work efficiency.