Detailed maintenance and maintenance work of vibrating screen

The coal industry often uses vibrating screens to classify and screen materials. The vibrating screen is dynamic during operation, so in addition to correct operation and use, strict maintenance work is conducive to the smooth operation of the vibrating screen and improves the screen. The service life of the machine reduces maintenance costs. Below we will give a detailed introduction to the maintenance and maintenance of the vibrating screen.

Maintenance of vibrating screen

The maintenance of the vibrating screen is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance. The following is the maintenance content:

1. Daily maintenance

Arc vibrating screen
The daily maintenance of the vibrating screen includes the surface of the vibrating screen, especially the fastening of the vibrating screen, and the vibrating screen should be tightened in time when it is loose. The vibrating screen regularly cleans the surface of the screen. The vibrating screen should repair, rust and paint the peeled parts of the paint in time. The exposed processing surface should be coated with industrial lubricant to prevent rust.

Before starting, check whether the coarse and fine meshes are damaged; whether each group of beam rings are locked; check whether the V-shaped ring of the screen frame of the rotary vibrating screen is damaged. If there is damage, it needs to be repaired in time to prevent material leakage. When starting, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise, whether the current is stable, and whether there is abnormal vibration. The vibrating screen can only stop working after the feeder has finished supplying materials, remove the dirt and oil on the vibrating screen, clean and repair the screen in time, when the screen is blocked, it can only be hooked up with a hook.

2. Regular maintenance

Regularly check the coarse mesh, fine mesh and spring for fatigue and damage, and whether various parts of the fuselage are damaged due to vibration. The parts that need to be lubricated must be lubricated.
(1) Overhaul once a year, replace the liner, and refurbish the two screen surfaces. The vibration motor should be removed for inspection, and the motor bearing should be replaced with oil. If the bearing is damaged, it should be replaced.
(2) Check the sieve compression device for each shift. If there is any looseness, press it tightly. Check whether the connection of the feed box is loose. If the gap becomes larger, it will cause a collision and cause the equipment to rupture; check the sieve body support device and observe Whether the hollow rubber pad is obviously deformed or degummed, when the rubber pad is damaged or excessively flattened, two hollow rubber pads should be replaced at the same time.
(3) The screen grid should be removed frequently, and the screen surface should be checked regularly for damage or unevenness, whether the screen hole is blocked, etc.; the sealing strip should be checked frequently, and if worn or defective, it should be replaced in time.

Maintenance of vibrating screen

1. Weekly inspection: check whether the vibrator and each part of the bolts are loose, check whether the rubber spring is damaged, check whether the screen surface is damaged or the screen hole is too large, and deal with it if any.
2. Monthly inspection: check the screen frame structure itself or the weld seam for cracks. If cracks are found on the beam or side plate, the surface should be cleaned, and 5mm holes should be drilled at the end to shovel the groove and preheat the repair welding. The repair welding should ensure penetration , After welding, the seam is ground flat, and the reinforcement plate is added. In order to avoid stress concentration, it is not allowed to open holes and welding accessories on the screen frame.
3. Annual inspection: The vibrator should be overhauled. The vibrator should be completely disassembled for cleaning. If the rolling bearing is pitted or broken, it should be scrapped. When reassembling, pay attention to the position of the eccentric block of the vibrator to keep the same phase.

The maintenance and maintenance of the vibrating screen is very necessary. Only regular maintenance can find the problem in time and deal with it in time to ensure the low efficiency of the vibrating screen, reduce mechanical wear, ensure safe production, and avoid small losses. It happened. Hiside Heavy Industries has been focusing on the research, development and manufacturing of vibrating screens for mines for many years. Each screen is fully assembled before leaving the factory and undergoes an 8-hour idling test run. The amplitude and frequency are tested with a VB instrument to ensure the quality and performance of the vibrating screen. And it’s easy to maintain. If you need it, please contact Hiside for detailed inquiry~