What to do if the vibrating screen has torsional vibration

When the vibrating screen is in use,two motors are usually used to drive to ensure sufficient efficiency and vibrating force.However,it is easy to cause material deviation,resonance,and stagnation.This phenomenon is called torsional vibration.What should I do if the vibrating screen has torsional vibration?Here are the reasons and solutions for the torsional vibration of the vibrating screen for your reference.

Reasons for torsional vibration of vibrating screen

Generally speaking,the possible reasons for the torsional vibration of the vibrating screen are as follows:
1.The direction of the exciting force generated by the shaker of the vibrating screen is deflected and offset.
2.The spring damping system and different parts of the linear vibrating screen are malfunctioning.
3.The linear vibrating screen is not placed on a horizontal surface,and the screen surface cannot be kept level.

Solution to torsional vibration of vibrating screen

1.Design and manufacturing

1)Check whether the sieve frame is a standard rectangle,not a parallelogram.
2)Check whether the spring supports of the sieve machine are on the same level during the design and manufacturing process,and whether the selected springs have the same stiffness.
3)Whether the self-synchronization between the two vibrators is normal.
4)Whether the phase angles adjusted by the main and auxiliary eccentric blocks of the vibrating screen on both sides of the same shaft are consistent,because it is related to whether the exciting force that occurs is consistent.


1)Whether the spring support of the screen machine can be installed on a uniform level,and whether the current shrinkage is the same,the error cannot exceed 5mm.
2)In the case of universal joint device,whether the phase angles on both sides are the same,other reasons should be further judged based on the detailed screen and the operating conditions.

Methods to prevent torsional vibration of vibrating screen

1.During each adjustment,the included angles of the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibration motor must be equal,and they must be biased to the same side of the vibration motor.
2.Check the rubber springs to ensure that there is no height difference between the springs.If there is,replace the damaged parts to solve it.
3.Perform a comprehensive balance check on the linear vibrating screen equipment and ensure that the screen surface is in a horizontal position.
4.Recalculate the hoisting angle of the equipment to keep the hoisting force consistent.

The above are the reasons and solutions for the torsional vibration of the vibrating screen organized for everyone.I hope it can be helpful to everyone.If you want to know more about the vibrating screen,you can leave a message online or send an email,and we will reply to you as soon as possible.